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host homes

Interested in a unique and rewarding opportunity to partner with Calvary and invest in the next generation of pastors and church leaders?  Consider opening your home to one of our summer interns!  Here are a few details on what being a host means:

What do I need to provide? Basically, being a host requires you to provide a bedroom for a summer intern for ten weeks between the beginning of June and early August.  We do ask that the bedroom be their own, and not shared with a member of the family.  Additionally, they will need access to a bathroom, but that can be a shared space.

Do I need to provide them with food and meals? While we hope that you will get to know the intern staying with you over the course of the summer, which may happen over some shared meals, you are not being asked to provide food or meals.  

Are there any expectations as far as spending time with the intern staying in my home?  Again, we hope you'll get to know your intern well, and that you'll want to spend time with them, but there is no expectation for you to spend nights, weekends, or any other time with your intern. Further, they will be working full-time at the church, including several evenings, so they will be out of your home the majority of the time.

Is this safe?  All of our interns undergo a strenuous background check process that includes an application, full background check, reference check, interview, and more.  We do everything we can to make sure this is a safe as possible.  


If you are interested in hosting a summer intern, or for more information, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!  


Thanks for considering being a host this summer! We'll be in touch soon with more information.
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